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Welcome to Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers

Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers (HFL)  is a Nelson-based law firm, boasting some of the most impressive legal practitioners in New Zealand.

Our close-knit team draw on global experience and high-calibre expertise to work incredibly hard on your behalf.

We have an unrelenting client-focussed approach. We use our full knowledge of the law to maximise advantages and opportunities for our clients, work hard to alleviate some of the stress involved with significant transactions, and act swiftly and compassionately to support our clients in times of distress.

Our aim, in everything we do at HFL, is to secure the best outcome for you, your family and your interests.

Our staff boast formidable experience, knowledge and tenacity; each member of our team is distinguished by their specialised expertise.

We believe we have the best lawyers and legal executives working incredibly hard to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients. Our team have the skill and persistence to challenge the law, if that’s what’s required.

They are always willing to go the extra mile.

 About Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers

Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers was established in 2003 by Hamish Fletcher, a third-generation Nelson lawyer. Hamish and his wife Da Neille own HFL and Hamish says he draws pride and a sense of responsibility from knowing his name is over the door, just as it was for his father and his grandfather.

We call our approach to business The HFL Way. What does this mean for you?

We hope you will notice a genuine difference, which will be most obvious in:

  • the collaborative way in which we approach our work, utilising the diverse range of skills and expertise of our team;
  • the specialist lawyers we have – our team really know the law and our expertise is a major benefit for our clients.
  • the way we challenge the law – we don’t just interpret the law we are unafraid of being aggressive; and,
  • our deep client focus

Our lawyers and legal executives value the opportunity to focus on their legal speciality. Sometimes they will delve in to other areas to maintain continuity for a client or to bring some variety to their work, but largely they choose to operate in the fields where they have built their hard-earned reputations.

Our legal team is lucky to be supported by top-flight business support staff. They keep Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers functioning to peak efficiency; we believe we have the best back-office team in the business.

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